Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coming Soon...

I'm just squeaking a post in under the wire here. I was in Atlanta this weekend, to celebrate my birthday (Cinco de Amy-o, as I like to call it) with my boyfriend. No new photographs to share right now, as I seem to have picked up a nasty little cold during my travels, but I thought I'd share an older photograph, as I prepare for a new project.

I've twice now attempted a self portrait project inspired by the Flickr "project 365" group. The concept is simple: a self portrait every day for a year. However, it was just torture for me. I love photography - as long as I am not the subject! Both times, I quit well before I hit a year of self portraits.

So starting this week (I decided the timing was appropriate with my birthday yesterday), I'll be taking a self portrait once a week. Look for the week 1 photograph in the coming days!

Until then, here's one of my favorites from my last attempt at the daily self portraits:

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