Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet Trixie and Smokey

Trixie and Smokey are my boyfriend's boss' cats. Say that five times fast! Smokey (the gray kitty, of course) is a bit more aloof than Trixie, but they are both as sweet as can be when they put their little kitty minds to it. Having cute little critters like these to visit makes it easier to be away from my cats when I'm in Atlanta.

Ack! And there's that pesky double copyright blurb in my feed again, because my post was short. I'm still not quite sure how that happens. I think it's picking up the text in my sidebar for some reason. But fear not, gentle blog reader(s)! Aforementioned boyfriend was kind enough to let me take a peek at GoDaddy's control panel, and it seems pretty user-friendly. I've always used BlueHost for my hosting needs, but I've had a lot of midday outages in recent months, and I was holding off on moving my photography sites until I was either confident they had the problems under control (no) or found alternative hosting space (yes). By summer's end (probably sooner, but I don't want to break any more promises - we all know how that post a week thing worked!), I should have everything moved over to WordPress, which I prefer to Blogger. Not that Blogger is bad. It's excellent, especially for a free service. But I moved my (now defunct) personal blog over to WordPress back in the pre-widget Blogger, and I'm just not groovin' with the "new" Blogger.

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