Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's Go to the Zoo - Brookfield

Last spring, I purchased a Brookfield Zoo membership as an early birthday gift for myself. It had paid for itself by the time my birthday rolled around. I've always enjoyed nature photography, and while I dream of National Geographic photography, zoos and nature preserves will have to cut it for this midwestern gal for now.

I love the waiting and anticipation. I might spend three hours at the zoo, but only visit an exhibit or two. I have no problem at all waiting for crowds to disperse so I can position myself for the best possible shot. I love learning the different animals' behaviors, and capturing the perfect moment.

Patience has its rewards. Cookie the cocaktoo - the zoo's oldest animal (and the last remaining member of the original animal collection from 1934) came over to the glass and performed a bit for me on my last visit.

Spending nearly half an hour at "baboon mountain" allowed me to capture this baboon in full yawn.

And I was able to capture mother white cheeked gibbon and her new baby by waiting for a crowd to pass on in Tropic World. The photograph was featured in a contest in The Daily Herald.

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