Thursday, June 12, 2008

52 Weeks - Weeks 4, 5 and 6

I'm a bit behind in posting these, and they aren't the most creative of pictures. But I'm determined to keep at this, even when I'm feeling less than inspired. For perhaps the hundredth (or millionth) time, I've just recommitted to a regular exercise program, so I'm hoping to see a bit of a physical change over the next few months. Perhaps it will give me a bit of extra inspiration to keep up with the biking.

Week 4 - Post haircut
I don't know why I look so cranky. I wasn't cranky at all. I got a cute new 'do (4 inches chopped off, although you can't really tell in the picture - or real life, for that matter).

Week 5 - Shoes
I've got several pairs of Skechers in similar styles. I love them. They are comfy and cute. How can you beat that?

Week 6 - Iced Latte
There's nothing better on a hot, humid and sticky afternoon than a refreshing iced latte.

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