Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Someone is Behind in Her Blogging!

Oops. That would be me! I promise to catch up tonight - I have three self portraits to share and a few other random images. I've been keeping myself busy with workshops, shoots and an internship with an amazing photographer.

See you this evening!

Update: I can't figure out why I'm getting a double copyright disclaimer thingymabobber in my feeds. That first all caps one should not be there any more. It only shows up on really short posts, so I suppose I should write longer posts.

I meant at some point to disclose why I don't publish a full feed. I had a personal blog for a while that had a fairly decent following, and therefore, was ranked pretty high. I had the content scraped several times. My posts and images were posted without attribution, and without copyright notice. Which meant anyone who wandered upon those posts could have lifted the images, not necessarily knowing they were doing anything wrong.

I should be moving from Blogger to a self-hosted blog in the near future (hopefully at the end of the summer). At that time, I'll be moving to a full feed.

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