Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumnal Splendor

Saturday was a good day. I got up early and headed to the forest preserve, just after it stopped raining. I knew we had some blustery weather predicted for today (as I type, I can hear the 50mph gusts howling outside the window), which meant any future attempts at capturing the autumn colors this year would likely be slim to none. Some of my favorites are below:

Afterwards, I headed over to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for a stroll. I started feeling a bit under the weather, so I cut the trip short, but I did get a few that I felt captured the season nicely:

I was supposed to go to a lighting workshop (I was really looking forward to it, too!) today, but the migraine that started yesterday had me floored today, too. I guess the good news is that sitting in a dark, quiet room all day was good for catching up on editing. Which is especially good, since my new personal goal is to post a photograph from the past few months each week during the "off" season.

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