Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week Two Check In :: Chicago Photographer Personal Project

It's time for images 5-12, along with my second self portrait in my 52 week project.

5/365 - A view of part of my desktop at work. I've been cutting back on coffee and drinking a lot more tea this year.

6/365 - Playing with my new macro lens

7/365 - I also picked up a Lensbaby Muse (plastic optic)

8/365 - More Lensbaby fun. There's a bit of a learning curve to this lens.

9/365 - Finally, a Lensbaby image that I love! Taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden. No more Lensbaby shots for at least a week.

10/365 - Kitty time!

11/365 - Home sick, and stayed in my sock monkey PJs all day

12/365 - Kitty time again!

and 2/52, taken on the bridge to the Japanese Islands at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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