Saturday, January 2, 2010

Zen Photography Workshop :: Oak Park, Illinois

In my post about photographing the Shuso Hossen for the Zen Community of Chicago, I made mention of a photography workshop I attended back in May. It really reaffirmed for me that my style of and approach to photography is not only valid, but something that others might actually strive to achieve. It was a very rewarding and enlightening weekend. On Saturday, we began by spending time with one another and taking each others' portraits. We then went on a photo walk throughout the Oak Park neighborhood housing the Zen center, and continued on to a community cultural event. The next day, we were honored to photograph a Zen ceremony.

Throughout the weekend, we continued photographing both one another and our surroundings. We even continued to document and capture our experiences as we went to our respective homes for the evening, and the during the next morning, before we gathered once again, as well. Once all the images were collected, they were combined and all the meta data was stripped from them. Suddenly, we were not individuals, but a group presenting one final art piece to represent our weekend. The images were sorted by date, and the juxtaposition of our portraits of one another, combined with the images captured by the photographer in the portrait, creates an even larger portrait of sorts.

Our final goal was to create our own presentation for this larger group of images. Unfortunately, due to the amount of images captured (after we pared down our selections quite a bit!), I had to break up my version of our final project into 3 separate videos, found below.


manan said...

Amy, that's amazing what you did, thank you so much. You remind me that this was the idea, that we would all take our common material and come back with an individual response: relative and absolute like two arrows meeting in mid air! I also can't believe we all did this in just a day and a half, so much material... and it really does feel like a group expression, like we were all in all the places..seeing and being seen.
I'm in Boston tonight.
Peter C.

No Fear said...

Beautiful Amy! Click: I see cherished friends, a place I love, warm light, flowers, city, wood, smiles, faces, fun. Wish I could have been there! Keep up the great work. Randy