Monday, April 7, 2008

Lincoln Park, Part II

I couldn't let the first really nice day of the year escape without taking full advantage of it. So on Saturday, I headed back to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I also stopped at the conservatory (a bit smaller than Garfield Park Conservatory, which I often visit, and it was very crowded, so not much in the way of photo ops there), cut back through the zoo and then crossed the street and visited the Nature Museum. I haven't had much editing time, since I spent Sunday at a wonderful National Geographic Traveler nature photography seminar.

Here's a peek at each location for now...

Meerkat at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Orchids at the Lincoln Park Conservatory

A butterfly in the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum's indoor "butterfly haven"


Salty Grapes said...

Heee... =) I love that meerkat!!!

Amy Beth said...

The meerkats were seriously like the cutest animals ever in the history of animals. I could barely stand it.

bob wong said...

That meerkat has the cutest expression.